Lightweight & Soft

Lightweight & Soft

There’s something about a soft blanket, a favorite shirt or a breezy scarf that makes you fall in love through a simple touch. It’s that combination of lightweight, soft, and smooth traits that make our favorite things so appealing to hold and wear; at WinterSilks, we capture all three in natural silk clothing.

Unlike its cousins cotton, linen and wool–fundamentally coarse, short fiber fabrics–silk is made entirely from long strands of protein. This long molecular structure creates a naturally uniform texture when silk fibers are woven together, at once reducing friction and minimizing bulk. The result is a type of cloth that is smooth all the way down to the molecular level, naturally soft and conveniently light.

Other common textiles may claim to be "super soft," but rarely achieve such status naturally. These fabrics are derived from plant fibers that are both very short and very coarse, which makes it difficult for even the most skilled weavers and textile manufacturers to create a smooth, uniform texture from the fibers. Clothes cut from this type of cloth must often be chemically treated to get that coveted soft-to-touch feel.

Silk, on the other hand, achieves touchable comfort naturally, and will even warm to your touch! Because silk regulates temperature, it doesn’t require much bulk to be warm. Even slight changes in fabric thickness can greatly affect how warm silk clothing is, ranging from ultra lightweight for warmer weather down to seriously warm base layers in the bitter cold–all without sacrificing the lightweight nature of the fabric.


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